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The Hero Sweat

Aug 31, 2017

The ribbed sweat is back, bigger and better this season and knitted in the most delicious bubblegum pink cashmere. Super chunky and super soft, it has a kind of homespun look with its chunky rib and over sized shape but the colour is a bit of a game changer.
We styled it with white to show off your tan and scare away any of the end of holiday blues. When looking around the high street to see what to style it with, we ended up in Topshop. Everything in this picture bar the sweater comes from Topshop, which is amazing. The quality of the trousers feel really good, the bag is super cute and was an unbelievable bargain and the sneakers are a no brainer. All these pieces worn individually or together are quite an easy blend of style and practicality. Add our statement investment sweater to the mix and you are ready to go.

Stripe Loving

Aug 17, 2017


The Pearl Knit Cardi

Feb 28, 2017

Nail off duty style with a long line cashmere cardigan. Pretty much goes over everything, in fact it will become your new throw-on-and- go, favourite piece, we promise! . Really, it’s a sure fire way to update your wardrobe and move into Spring, not only looking good but keeping you warm on colder days.

We think it works best in a neutral colour. Styling then is easy because it will work with everything you already have in your wardrobe. Here we have teamed it with a Breton and a pair of skinnies, all you need then is a couple of stand-out accessories and you are ready to go but it would work equally well over a floral dress with a pair of sneakers.

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The Forever sweat

Feb 17, 2017

We styled our chunky cashmere jumper with some of the favourite things from my wardrobe. Recently, I have been wearing my sweater over a t shirt and underneath an old camouflage jacket with either jeans or lace midi skirt. On my feet are my new embroidered sneakers which are a Gucci rip off but from the vastly more affordable Boden! A little bit mix and match but kind of fun whilst not sacrificing warmth because let's be honest, it's still pretty cold.

This sweater was our bestselling style last season and it's because it's classic but also fashionable; a timeless basic with a very luxe twist. This converts to a lot of wear and means you will be wearing it now, this winter and the winter beyond.

Right now we have it in a warm oatmeal colour and are introducing it in a soft grey marl yarn. Really easy to wear with pretty much everything you already have and will look good with all colour of jeans and any of the paler colours we all like to wear in Spring.

Grey days, grey cashmere

Feb 2, 2017

Grey cashmere... it's our dirty little secret and we find it very hard to resist. In fact, every time a new grey piece of knitwear comes in to the office, we all drool and somebody ends up taking it home. The reason being that it's the equivalent of denim in knitwear! You can wear it every day and it never seems to get boring. Honestly, it's amazing and it doesn't even really matter the style. If a certain shade of mid grey flecked marl yarn is involved, it seems to work with everything, taking years off your face and looking polished but casual at the same time; that's what we call a win - win.

Don't just take it from us, the style set seem to love it too. Scroll through any fashionista's Instagram and you are bound to find images of them wrapped up in fabulous greys. Whether it be the rather wonderful Gwyneth Paltrow in Goop draped in shades of grey cashmere or the inspirational Erica Davies on The Edited working luxe and high street in an effortless way, they all love it too.

Trust us, try an oversized grey cashmere scarf to start with and in no time you will be wanting a grey marl sweater as well. After that, you won't look back.

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Gwyneth Paltrow -

Erica Davies - The Edited

Christmas wish list

Dec 1, 2016

When trying to choose some Christmas favourites, it’s not easy as I really, really love cashmere! Genuinely, it’s one of my most favourite things along with jewellery. So picking out a few pieces for my wish list is no easy task. However, I took the plunge and selected some things that have already sneaked into my wardrobe and a couple of things I want.

winter warmers

Our mid grey raglan cashmere jumper – this is the best basic. I can’t say much more than that. I have it in grey and black and wear them nearly all the time, actually I wear them with everything, particularly skirts and also if I wear print or lace I quite like to wear something very basic with it. The star intarsia coat is a firm favourite and I often wear mine over skinnies with a lace blouse I have. It’s fine cashmere but knitted in a double layer so it’s a little bit different. The chunky ribbed sweater is just buttery soft, thick and deliciously cosy. This I shall be wearing at home during Christmas and New Year in what I would like to think is a modern take of ‘luxe lounge’. Draped over my knees will be our knitted blanket in oatmeal – cashmere heaven. I will be the very best version of relaxed insouciance – well probably not but I will be trying!

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Wool collective pop up shop at Bicester village

Oct 14, 2016

We are thrilled to announce that we are part of the British Wool Collective at Bicester Village from now until early January. It's an important initiative that wants to highlight the value of wool, quality, knitwear and non throwaway fashion. We are included with some of the great names in British knitwear such as Brora, Marcus Lupfer, Johnstons of Elgin, Pringle, John Smedley and Chinti and Parker.

Yesterday, we attended the opening and had great fun looking in the delicious pop up store which is really, really cute. We have sent up some great knits in support which can be purchased at reduced prices. So, if you are planning a trip to Bicester before the New Year make sure you visit and see what's in store.

Click here to read more on bicester village website

Q & A with Zara

Sep 21, 2016

Travelling to Nepal has become a big part of Zara's life ever since she first visited at the tender age of 22. Her love for the cultural powerhouse of the Himalayas has not changed, if anything it gets stronger and stronger every time she goes. Before jetting off on Friday for her seasonal trip, Zara sat down with us to talk us through the first time she went to Nepal and why, what she likes to do when she is there and her future plans for Crumpet. Read on.....

Q: When was the first time you went to Nepal and why?

I first went to Nepal when I was 22 years old. I was studying jewellery at Sir John Cass in London and a girlfriend and I decided to start a jewellery range. We ended up deciding to have our first collection made in Kathmandu. We sold the small collection to Harvey Nichols and other great boutiques and did really well with it but my passion was always textiles and fashion. At this time, whilst in Kathmandu, we discovered pashminas. It was the beginning of the craze and I had never seen anything so soft or amazing. This is when I fell in love with cashmere.

Q: what drew you to building your business around Nepal?

It was never my intention to build a business around Nepal. It was really something that evolved. In some ways the decision was greater than myself and it sort of just happened. That is not to say that I don't love the country or the people, I do, it's got into my bones and is very much a part of me now. I remember a few years ago when we had had a period of time manufacturing in China and I returned to Nepal for the first time. As I got off the plane and smelt the air and saw the Himalayas I cried, it was a strange homecoming.

Q: How often do you go out and what do you do when you are there?

I go out to Kathmandu about three of four times a year. It used to be just for a few days or a week at a time but as my children have got older, my trips are a bit longer. I find that I get a lot more out of my visits to factories and suppliers if I am not so rushed. I also like doing projects whilst I am there like getting clothes and jewellery made for myself and friends and that takes a little time.

I always have a good time whilst I am away. I know many people out there and have quite a few friends. At home in UK, my evenings are very much centred around my husband, kids, dinner, homework. In Kathmandu I am a free agent so I like going out in the evening for drinks or dinner where I get to meet extraordinary people from all over the world and I love it. The days are work orientated, visiting suppliers, looking at designs, talking about new things, working on issues

Q: Will Crumpet always only be made in Nepal or do you have any plans to move production to other countries too?

My honest answer is that I don't know. Right now the answer would be yes, as there is so much to come from this small, hidden country that is both unique and special.

Q: Whats the purpose of this trip?

This trip I am working on something I am very excited about. I don't want to say too much too soon because its quite new and I want to keep it that way but it's mixing our flair for print and colour with a another hand process that I think will make for some very lovely sweaters. I've also been thinking about putting some of my jewellery online - so let's see!

Transeasonal Basics

Sep 1, 2016

Today I’m wearing the scoop tee in grey marl, lightweight cashmere. I picked this style for myself from our latest deliveries. I like it because it is a flattering shape, I especially like the fit of the neck line and it works well in this weather. It is more than just a t shirt but it is not a sweater – what we could call a transition piece. Here I am wearing it with a Zara skirt and my new red shoes which I am obsessed with! I bought them from Mango in the South of France last month and have hardly taken them off – they seem to go with everything. 

Bag and sunglasses are old favourites. The bag is huge – really huge but this week has been so manic I have needed it to keep everything in. With kids still off school; youngest starting new school on Monday, moving house and office this weekend I have been losing my mind, I just keep reminding myself next week will be easier!

Anyway, a few wardrobe favourites are back in stock and all in our lightweight cashmere which is perfect for this early Autumn weather. The next piece I have my eye on is the waterfall cardi in camel marl……. Watch this space!

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